Presentation Training

Your Presentation Training or Public Speaking course will be strongly practical, designed to give you the maximum amount of time honing your new skills. You will learn the essential physical arts - great posture, confident eye contact, smooth gestures and an engaging use of the voice; and you'll learn how to make your content interesting, lively, clear and memorable.

Bespoke Course

Your course will be designed to suit your level of ability and the type of presenting or public speaking you are likely to face - anything from a factual in-house presentation with PowerPoint, to a major policy speech to a large audience. You'll learn many of the classic techniques of public speaking and speech structure, too - simple but powerful ways of gaining and holding your audience's attention and respect.

Watch the video below for an example of strong public speaking technique, using several well-known rhetorical skills:

Get in Touch

Courses are often at their most effective when preparing for a “real life” forthcoming presentation, so we can customise the course to focus on the specific task at hand - get in touch here for more information on our bespoke presentation training courses, and a highly competitive quote from Neil McNeil.