Crisis Media Training

Crisis Media Training will give you a set of skills that will greatly increase your confidence and credibility when meeting the media in any type of crisis.

You will practise accurate, pre-prepared crisis scenarios, in which you will be trained to react in a calm, professional manner. The scenarios will be specially prepared to reflect incidents in which you may genuinely find yourself involved.

Crisis Media Examples

  • industrial action or a break in the supply chain
  • blackmail threats or product sabotage
  • concerns about food safety
  • hostage-taking
  • multiple fatalities such as a fire, mass poisoning or transport disaster

Your crisis media course will teach you how to deal with potential legal or media "traps", such as sub judice, the Data Protection and Contempt of Court Acts, and the tendency to offer speculative explanations based on little evidence; or to accept or direct blame when the facts have not been properly ascertained.

In The Hot Seat ...

You will be put under significant pressure in your session, so a cameraman or studio will be essential to ensure realism and to allow us to carry out location and down-the-line interviews.   

Your crisis training session will be individually tailored and researched; be prepared for a high-pressure but exciting and valuable day.

Watch this example of excellent interview technique under dreadful circumstances.  Following the Grenfell Tower disaster of 14 June 2017, London Fire Brigade Commissioner Dany Cotton is professional, compassionate, calm and clear:

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